Advertising campaigns for Sessia app

Task: to create advertising campaigns for an unusual cashback service.

Sessia is a social network with a cashback service where users tell about products they bought and get money for purchases their friends make.

Bright and witty advertising campaigns were created for the app, one for users and another one for businesses.

Friends are better

The key visual of the ad campaign for users is a graph that shows that friends are better than any valuables. Which also holds true for the app itself: the more friends you invite, the more bonus points you get.

Receipts and photos from the social network combine to form a ruble sign. This way, Sessia connects people together while also bringing them benefits.

Find clients for serious relationships

Sessia works extensively with small businesses: restaurants, cafés, beauty salons, fitness centers and stores. The key visual shows companies proposing to their customers and invariably finding a key to their hearts.

The advertising campaign can be easily adapted for any web format.

sessia formats

A detailed guide explains how to place the key visuals, slogans and the logo on banners of different format to ensure they always look spectacular.

Made in 42 days
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