Advertising campaign design for the Russian Export Center


The Russian Export Center helps organizations from all over the country to promote their products abroad. We came up with graphic design of the Russian Goods for Champions advertising campaign which helps Made in Russia products to feel more confident in the Chinese market.

rec boat

Oriental paper art techniques were used to create multi-layered compositions that look three-dimensional and lively. Their colors correspond to the tricolor flag of the country of origin.

The Russian Rowing Federation is a partner of the campaign. Cute banners feature its members recommending natural and healthy products from Russia.

rec board

The Russian Export Center cooperates with different companies that have various product formats and dimensions. To avoid having to create new layouts every time, universal stickers were developed that easily adapt to packaging of any size.

Gift sets are supplemented with a cardboard cutout of a rowing boat, a souvenir that helps feel connected to Russian athletes.

rec final

project manager

Made in 40 days
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