Rusgruz ad campaign key visual and slogan

Rusgruz transportation company moves raw materials and goods by water and land. We came up with an advertising campaign for the company, creating a slogan and a key visual that reinforce the image of a reliable partner and help attract new customers.

At the core of the image is the red line from the logo that symbolizes continuous movement. The slogans reflect this idea: while a business person is busy solving issues, Rusgruz delivers their products from point A to point B.

rusgruz slogan

Simple geometric icons play off the logistical visual language and adjust to their placement, suggesting that everyone is doing their own thing: the entrepreneur, for instance, is watching a hockey game or sipping wine, while Rusgruz is carefully making another delivery for them.

rusgruz 01
rusgruz 02
rusgruz 03
rusgruz 04
rusgruz 05

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Made in 25 days
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