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Skameikus-4 outdoor bench

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Task: to develop a modern city bench.

Skameikus-4 is an outdoor bench designed for city streets and parks.

skameikus 20 in use
Take a little break

Skameikus-4 fully satisfies the main requirements for city seating—sturdiness and comfort—its curved back reclined at a particular angle allows a person to sit back and relax. Skameikus-4 comfortably seats two.

Release date: January 23 2013


artistic director
art director
skameikus 20 right
High profile

The construction and production technology used for the bench are ultimately simple: cast iron sides are cast and treated to resist corrosion, the seat and the back are made of wood finished with paint or lacquer.

skameikus 20 size
The compact size makes the job of transporting and installing Skameikus much easier

Anchor bolts are used to install Skameikus-4.

skameikus 20 interior
Compliments any architectural landscape

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