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Task: to develop a bench for the studio’s line of street furniture.

Inspired by city furniture of the 1920s, Skameikus-7 is designed for installation in parks.

skameikus 7
Beauty returns

Release date: December 04 2014


artistic director
art director
industrial designers

The bench has a comfortable back angle and ergonomic armrests. The supports are cast iron, the seat and the back are made of larch covered with varnish or paint.

skameikus 7 girl
Comfortable rest

The long version of Skameikus-7 has an additional cast iron section in the middle and is designed to sit a group of friends or several individuals. It is 930 mm (36,6″) high, 2030 mm (80″) long and 640 mm (25,2″) wide.

The bench is fixed in place with anchor bolts.

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