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    Task: to develop a modern city bench.

    Skameikus-5 is an outdoor bench designed for city streets and parks.

    skameikus 5 front light
    A stylish piece of city furniture

    The bench features a comfortable curved back and elegant armrests and is wide enough to comfortably seat two. Its sturdy structure and minimalistic design make Skameikus-5 a welcome addition to any park or garden. The bench is 880 mm (34,5″) high, 1500 (59″) mm long and 660 (26″) mm deep.

    Release date: September 15 2014


    artistic director
    art director
    skameikus 5 back
    The seat and back are reinforced by metal bands

    Skameikus-5 is durable and cold- and moisture-resistant. The cast sides are treated to resist corrosion, the seat and back are made of dark- or light-colored wood-polymer composites.

    skameikus 5 front dark
    Depending on the surrounding landscape, oak or larch WPC is used

    The bench is fixed in place by anchor bolts.

    skameikus 5 girl
    Compliments any park

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