Portable In-car Stationary

Sozvezdie stationary radios

Task: to design a server-based radio.

Sozvezdie specializes in communication equipment for extreme conditions. A range of digital radio stations including portable, car-based and stationary devices were designed for the company at the studio.

sozvezdie stationary transmitter front

The stationary radio is used in telecom rooms where it works in conjunction with portable and car-based radios, combining them into a network and considerably extending their range thanks to its powerful external antenna.

sozvezdie stationary transmitter table

The device is installed in a server rack and is equipped with handles that make installation and replacement easy.

Rendered in the strict red and black color scheme, the radio fits well with other devices in the rack and elegantly stands out among them.

sozvezdie stationary transmitter side

artistic director

  • Artemy Lebedev

art director

  • Timur Burbaev

industrial designers

  • Andrey Fabishevsky
  • Aleksey Sharshakov


  • Kirill Voronik

chief typesetter

  • Iskander Mukhamadeev


  • Andrey Ushnurtsev


  • Viktor Lvov

project manager

  • Anna Kuleshova
Made in 139 days
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