Covers for MTS Stroki digital library

Task: to design covers for ebooks.

MTS has launched an online library with hundreds of thousands of books available for reading and listening. A unified style was developed for the covers of the library’s own classic series that is immediately memorable to readers and can be easily reproduced for newly added books.

The main element of all covers in the series is the large first letter of the author’s name.

Classic works prior to the 20th century are united by an expressive antiqua typeface rendered in a modern way in proportions close to monospace.

mts library font 01

The letter is shifted to the right, as if inviting to open the book and immerse yourself in reading. Works of Russian authors have patterns in the background, while books by foreign authors has them inside the letter.

mts library e g

Works of the 20th century feature more active colors and their own impressive typeface, a brutal monospaced grotesque.

mts library a r
mts library font 02

The unusual outlines of the letters make the covers recognizable anywhere users may see them: in search results, on social networks or anywhere else.

mts library letters

Ready-made templates and a guide for using them will help assemble new covers in seconds.

mts library grid
mts library bb

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Made in 34 days
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