Svyaz-DMR radios interface concept

Svyaz-DMR develops radios for extreme conditions, including portable, in-car and stationary radios. A unified interface for all devices has been created in the studio.

The main screen displays the essential parameters of the radio, along with an event log to ensure important notifications are not missed.

The main menu showcases crucial radio functions most frequently needed during operation.

Color coding aids in distinguishing whether a function is enabled or disabled.

The radio is capable of operating with cellular communication, voice and text messages and email.

Primary user scenarios have been reassembled and improved

Access to the main radio settings in a single tap.

Additional context-based features.

The entire interface serves as emergency mode indicator.

Important information is displayed on internal screens.

The interface adapts to the type of radio and the context of usage

Portable radios have an extended and a simplified menu.

In-car and stationary radios have the menu presented in a list.

Graphical elements are designed taking into account screen features and limitations, while maintaining ease of use and detail

status bar new sozvezdie bg icons2

In total, over 150 screens and animations have been designed, enabling further expansion of radio functionality in the future

bg screens v4@2x
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Made in 77 days
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