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Russian Lotto New Year campaign

Task: to show how the life of a billionaire can change.

On January 1 2019 Russian Lotto gives away a prize of one billion rubles. A special project dedicated to the megadraw includes videos, banners and outdoor advertising. All of this fits perfectly into the newly created “New Year—new life” concept.

The main idea of the concept: the billionaire winner used to be just like everyone else. Now he has an astounding sum of money, takes a helicopter when everyone else is stuck in a traffic jam, goes on vacation when everyone else is working in an office or goes on a trip around the world from his regular old apartment. Desktops in the office and cars in the traffic jam are all similar but have different numbers, just like on a lottery ticket. Luck can choose anyone. But if you were really lucky with your number, the object will completely transform.

milliard ad board
milliard ad bus stop
milliard ad mag

Happy stories in squares are shown on pre-rolls and banners across the country.

creative director



project manager

  • Video production




  • Vladimir Vaulin


  • Mikhail Senin

color grading

  • Dmitry Litvinov
Made in 30 days
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