Stoloto New Year project interface

Task: to design an interface.

Russian Lotto’s New Year draw is a lottery with an astronomical prize of more than a billion rubles. It is held just once a year and gives people a chance to change their life forever. Drawing attention to the incredible lottery is a special page that explains how the draw is going to happen and helps buy or give someone the cherished ticket.

Motivation and excitement

People are offered to spend the money won in previous draws on new tickets. The personal account page gently reminds that the more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning.

The section where people find out whether their ticket has won and how to withdraw prize money also contains information about new lotteries.

Additional services

Additional services also motivate everyone to try their luck in the fantastic draw. The Invite a Friend program gives out special bonus points that can be exchanged for New Year draw tickets, while in the Give a Ticket section the holiday ticket packages are proudly displayed up front.

Buying tickets

There are several ways to buy tickets: in one click from the betting page, in sets of several tickets and even with an automatic subscription.

In addition to the New Year draw, Stoloto offers regular lotteries. To make sure people don’t confuse them with one another, a special New Year themed design is used.

+2 000 000 000 ₽

It seemed like a billion wasn’t enough, so this year the prize pool is even bigger

More prizes

While the New Year lottery hasn’t started, people are invited to take part in weekly draws. An iPhone or a brand new car will always come in handy.

The road to a car starts here
can win!
The main prize
is a car!

The prizes are very enticing.

Other lotteries

Gifts and promo codes from Russian Lotto partners inspire to take part in other lotteries.

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