Stoloto terminal design

Task: to design a lottery ticket machine.

Stoloto offers many lotteries: draw-based and instant, quick and weekly, with cash prizes and those where you can win an apartment or a car. Designed at the studio, Stoloto terminals are installed in shopping centers throughout Russia and invite to take part in a draw.

The body of the terminal is painted yellow, the front panel is black and made of tempered glass. This color scheme makes the machine visually smaller. The glossy front panel makes matte stickers of lottery logos look especially appealing.

ticket terminal
Noticeable but not aggressive

All elements of the terminal that can be interacted with are clearly marked, allowing users to instantly see where they should insert their money, scan tickets and get their change and prize.

ticket terminal labels
Captions clearly explain how to use the machine

ticket terminal bb
Opening of the brand book on placing graphics

The terminal’s ease of use and rich functionality brings joy to regular players and attracts new ones.

ticket terminal final

project manager

Made in 91 days
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