T1 website

Task: to create a website for a large high-tech company.

T1 is a leader in Russia’s high-tech market. The holding develops and implements intellectual systems and tools for analyzing and optimizing business processes, as well as creates software for smart cities and does many other things to bring the digital future even closer. To complete the transformation, the holding needed a fresh website that would perform three main functions.

Objective 1.
To introduce the company

In-depth interviews with executives and top managers at T1 showed that the company needs to identify itself as a leading player in the Russian IT market.

To achieve this, the website should stand out from the competition in absolutely everything, from the design of its buttons to the style of illustrations.

Large headings and prominent buttons, full-width typesetting and emphasis on 3D graphics work to establish the image of a leading company that doesn’t adjust to the market but rather stands in contrast with it.

official employment, competitive salary and annual bonuses
extended health and dental benefits
opportunity for career development within the group
cool office with panoramic views of moscow
democratic work culture and transparent leadership
hybrid work

Objective 2.
To provide a source of branded graphics

The shortage of images for use on the website and in social networks, as well as for illustrating projects is a constant problem for large IT companies. If you type “information technology” into an image search engine, the results are sure to be unoriginal and at times even downright vulgar.

We have found a way to never again use stock photos of people with laptops.

The service ecosystem is shown as a composition of three-dimensional figures with each area of work represented by its own characteristic image. New illustrations are created based on the images from the original set.

Network technologies
Internet of things
Custom software development

The 3D shape simultaneously creates an image of a futuristic giant and serves as a useful tool that saves the company time and money without compromising the result.

  • Big data and machine learning
  • Information security
  • Computer systems
    and data storage
  • Consulting
  • Services and outsourcing
  • Data centers

    Objective 3.
    To launch a case builder

    There are over two thousand projects in the portfolio of T1. Some of them cannot be mentioned at all, others would require entire websites to describe. We came up with a way to present information about each case in a quick and easy manner without relying on third-party services for support.

    The constructor includes blocks of many types which allows any employee of the company to make changes to the case and, if necessary, even create a new one without knowledge of typesetting and programming. All they need to do is read through a small guide before getting started.

    Introduce the company Provide a source of branded graphics Launch a case builder
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