T1 identity

Task: to create an identity for a high-tech company.

T1 group of companies solves IT challenges for banks, telecom operators and other organizations operating in highly responsible industries. The name T1 already rhymes with the acronym IT, but we needed to emphasize this connection with a bright graphic effect. To make the brand truly memorable, an identity for the company was created in the studio.

The positive metaphor and simple shape of the logo ensure its variability and open up broad possibilities for its use. The logo simultaneously contains the full name of the group of companies, makes the reference to information technology clearer and easily combines different departments under a common element. And most importantly, it contains a metaphor for growth and addition: +1 means transition to the next level that the company is striving to achieve.

The easy to use, compact and concise symbol works well in all combinations and contexts, from patterns to icons and navigation elements.

designer and typesetter

motion designer



project manager

Made in 34 days
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