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Task: to create a bright introduction of a company.

T1 group of companies is one of the leaders of the Russian IT market. They create high-tech solutions for the most important businesses: banks, telecom operators, transportation, energy, retail companies and many others. A promo website in the new identity that quickly introduces the company, its services and activities was created in the studio.

assembled and populated by the client

The main feature of this design is the visual language. The human eye recognizes every word as a whole, not letter by letter, so here we blur the line between the text and the logo: each of the activities gets its own visual association that the eye grasps at once.

The logo flies around the website, guiding the visitor’s gaze and creating the feeling of a live workflow, dynamic, modern and never ending.

The purpose of the website is to demonstrate the status of the company, the serious tasks it solves and most importantly, its modern level of technology that is being continuously improved. The design of the website pages makes full use of the new T1 identity developed in the studio.

motion designer

project manager

Made in 84 days
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