Stellar City residential complex logo and naming

Task: to create a logo for an auspicious residential complex.
stellar city logo
The logo contains a rainbow-colored orbit and a flame escaping from the nozzle of a soaring rocket

Stellar City is a residential complex located on Moscow’s orbit, close to the Skolkovo Innovation Center. Young professionals buy their first apartments here. The proximity to the technology hub and access to the center of the capital makes the complex an excellent launch pad for conquering new heights and making the first steps to the stars. The name Stellar City reflects the prospects of personal development and the beauty of the complex.

The colorful logo perfectly fits the strict black and white design of corporate documentation and emphasizes the fact that Stellar City is a modern and unusual residential development.

art director

  • Еrken Kagarov


  • Vladimir Pavlenko

type designer

  • Taisiya Lushenko


  • Marina Vorobieva


  • Tatyana Devaeva


  • Vadim Kim
  • Pavel Starodubtsev


  • Anastasia Bordunova


  • Anna Potapkina

project manager

  • Aram Simonyan
Made in 68 days
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