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Tetra Pak recycling containers

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Task: To design a receptacle to collect used cartons.

Tetra Pak cares to be eco-friendly and encourages recycling. They wish to teach people that juice and milk cartons shouldn’t be just thrown away, but collected and reprocessed.

The campaign includes lectures, flyers, and posters explaining why cartons are useful and should be recycled. Schools and offices would need containers to hold cartons before they are taken to recycling centers.

We designed the containers, prepared them for production, devised names and slogans for the campaign, and created a set of logos.

paketik1 1
Flatten your carton before throwing it in. One, two, three!

The easiest way to encourage kids to do something good is turn it into a game. Containers for schools are “recycling mosters”, bright plastic things that children are happy to feed empty cartons to (full milk packs won’t fit through the holes).

school tetrapack 1
It looks like a tree, or a hand, or a splash, or maybe a shaggy head, or even an alien. Kids love it!

The “monster’s” cute belly wears a flattening instruction. There are several holes, so kids wouldn’t have to queue, and their size is right for drink cartons folded flat, but small enough not to let any books in.

The container consists of two parts, which makes it easy to manufacture, and has a lock. A janitor opens it, takes out the filled bag and replaces it with a new one.

container open 2
Opened container

With built-in speaker and light sensor, the monster thanks you for every thrown carton—its belly contentedly rumbles.

tetra2 2
Carton surrendering

Grown-ups in the offices drink juice and milk too, and should be taught to recycle as well. The office monster looks a lot like the one for schools, but it’s not as loud. The front panel is made of tectan, the material that Tetra Pak cartons are actually reprocessed into. It feels like plastic, cardboard and plywood at the same time, and is used in furniture and other products.

tetrapack 1 2
Enjoy your joice and take care of the carton

One of the holes in the top is made wider for larger cartons. No loudspeaker here, which makes perfect sense for offices.

This very soon becomes a good habit—you have your own meal, then feed the monster.

Release date: September 01 2010


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