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    Flyer for Tetra Pak and Volkswagen

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to design a flyer for Tetra Pak and Volkswagen.

    “Cartons, surrender!”—a program introducing the idea of recycling paper packaging to the people of Moscow and St. Petersburg. A flyer choked with information on why, where, and how to recycle your Tetra Pak cartons was designed in our studio.

    tetrapak leaflet front tetrapak leaflet back
    The flyer turned out quite luring, thanks to its unconventional shape and a bunch of bite-sized graphics

    Volkswagen provided a fleet of brightly marked collection-points-on-wheels. A quarter of the flyer’s real estate is occupied by the designated automobile, to make sure your milk and juice cartons will reach their proper destination at this mobile recycling facility, not in the landfills.

    Release date: March 27 2012


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