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    Tetra Pak recycling campaign identity

    Overview   Process  

    Problem: Illustrate the campaign message.

    The campaign’s is all about empty Tetra Pak cartons. The title of the campaign, which is also its slogan, is “Cartons, surrender!” and the logo is a white flag made out of a carton.

    give up logo

    For teachers and other grown-ups there are handy leaflets. And for school cafes we created a poster that in a cute way explains the goal of the campaign.

    poster 1 2
    Illustrated text poster: “OK, we surrender :-)”

    The campaign to follow is called “Demonstration Program” and aims to distribute useful info. For this we crafted another sign out of a folded carton.

    Nice program indeed

    Release date: September 01 2010


    art director
    designer & copywriter
    technical designer
    privy councilor
    icon designer
    type designer

    All the logos, graphics and instructions are pulled together in a brandbook with thorough guidelines.

    brandbook spread 01 1
    Folding instructions for children and adults. Their hands are different
    brandbook spread 02
    Double-page spread with small illustrations

    It turns out a Tetra Pak carton is great for creating all kinds of logos.

    treasure logo
    A true gem, not just a carton

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