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Tetra Pak website

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Task: to tell a colorful story about packaging.

Since 1950s Tetra Pak has been producing carton packages and boxes for juices, milk, wine, butter milk, tea, baby food, purées and porridge. A website for Tetra Pak describing the features and life cycles of various types of packaging was created at the studio.

tetrapak site main
Product life cycle: first to the customer, then to the processing plant

Website pages are decorated with numerous carefully drawn schemes and illustrations.

tetrapak site structure
Sectional view

Aseptic packaging consists of six layers of different materials. The “juicy” picture shows the manufacturing process in detail.

tetrapak site manufacturing
Preparation of large rolls

The gallery presents all types of Tetra Pak products: from basic to the most high-tech.

tetrapak site packaging systems
Packaging gets smarter

Easy to understand illustrations were created for those interested in the manufacturing process and how the product is put in cartons.

tetrapak site product
Delicious contents

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