Tundra Bitter desert liqueur logo

Task: to create a delicious label for a delicious liqueur.

Tundra Bitter is a desert liqueur with an incredibly pleasant mild and spicy flavor. It contains twenty-three herbs combined into four infusions that form the unique bitter-tart herbal flavor.

The label is in the shape of a chum tent, a trademark of the Tundra and a distinctive feature of the brand. The unusual triangular label immediately stands out among other bottles on the store shelf.

tatspirtprom bottle 01

The label looks spectacular: the shimmering northern lights, flickering sparks and intricately intertwined plants on a contrasting dark background come together into a single characteristic composition.

tatspirtprom bottle 02

The label combines a variety of textures that bring both aesthetic pleasure and a wonderful tactile experience. The relief and foiling serve as protection against counterfeiting while the velvety leaves are very pleasant to the touch.

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