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Myata Lounge audience research

Myata Lounge, a chain of establishments for enjoying great drinks with friends, invites new guests and finds out the attitude of its potential clients to this type of recreation. To develop the brand, the studio conducted a series of studies.

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The result is insights that help the company develop and adjust its business strategy. The report shows how the brand is seen by bar-goers and by franchisees. This allows the company to constantly evolve, offering new services to clients and partners.

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In the course of the project, we identified many factors that the chain should take into account, including in the development of its identity.

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Myata Lounge wants to be open to all and accepts guests regardless of their physical limitations. Thus, a special section of the study is devoted to appropriate equipment of the bars.

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Most of the obtained information will become the basis for improvements for the next several years.

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