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Unlim 500+ festival cup

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Task: to create a cup for a racing festival.

The fastest and most skillful pilots, winners of the Unlim 500+ sports car races, are given the challenge cup developed at the studio.

Worthy prize for the first place

Release date: June 19 2015


art director
Timur Burbaev
secret advisor
Sergey Kulinkovich
industrial designers
Boris Tarasov
Andrey Fabishevsky
Aleksey Sharshakov
Yaroslav Bondarenko
Viktor Lvov
project managers
Katya Filimonova
Anastasia Prischepa

The faces of the cup repeat the shape of the shield from the festival’s logo.

The cup is made of aluminum and brass, partially covered with 24-carat gold and inserts made of gluing metal.

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