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Unlim 500+ festival website

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Task: to create a website for a racing festival.

The Unlim 500+ festival is a competition of owners of powerful sports cars. A website for the festival was created at the studio. The website contains information on how to visit the event as a spectator or a racer, invites to become a partner of the festival and introduces the members of the 300+ club.

unlim site full
The main page in seven stages

For those who wish to come and watch the races there is a special section that provides information about different categories of tickets, helps find the best ticket price, lists the addresses of nearby hotels and contains a link to a specialized ticket agent.

unlim site tickets
The closer to the action, the more expensive is the ticket

The racers who broke the 300 km/h (186 mph) speed threshold are introduced into the 300+ club. Their results are listed in the hall of fame together with photographs of record-breaking cars.

unlim site club300
The leaders have already stepped into the 400+ km/h territory

Release date: May 29 2014


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