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    The making of the Unlim 500+ festival website

    Overview   Process  

    We start with describing usage scenarios. We make an approximation of the website structure and think over navigation while the guys in the graphic design department are working on the logo.

    Taking an interim version of the logo and making first sketches.

    Searching for inspiration in posters, cars, racing games and movies.

    Looking at tons of pictures and videos from previous events.

    Deciding to put an emphasis on a brief and dramatic story about the festival. Placing the list of upcoming events and a video on the first screen.

    Assembling the presentation.

    Developing the idea using The Festival screen as an example.

    The client accepts the concept. Working on the graphic elements, studying the map of the event and creating a model of the race track.

    Combining the model with a map and polishing the graphics for the Track Layout screen.

    Drawing the Participants screen.

    Explaining the screen change effect.

    Thinking about the internal content and standard elements. Working on the Tickets and Registration pages.

    Starting to work on the 300+ Club page.

    Creating the Partners and How to Get Here pages.

    While the work on the graphics is under way, the technologists start to put together the internals of the website. Studying the comments and making corrections.

    We continue to prepare the graphic elements for internal pages. Creating the starting lights.

    Illustrating the sticker application guide.

    Drawing the map for the Ticket Categories section.

    Assembling the first series of teasers for internal sections of the website. Trying different combinations.

    Coming up with screens for the About the Event section. Starting with The Festival.

    Next, the Timekeeping screen.

    Now the Spectators screen.

    Moving on to the 404 error page.

    Fixing bugs.

    The new logo comes in from the graphic designers. Adding it to the website.

    Creating the final version of the last screen in the About the Event section.

    Drawing the missing graphic elements.

    Photographs from windows and 3D models come in equally useful.

    Polishing the illustrations.

    Assembling and launching the website.

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