New shopping cart for Wildberries online store

Task: to radically redesign a shopping cart to increase conversion.

Wildberries is the largest online store in Russia that operates in five countries. It offers clothes, footwear, electronics, home appliances, household goods, books, food and much more.

Now the store has a new shopping cart cart and faster checkout process that make buying easier and more convenient.

The entire checkout process is now on one page

The number of screens has been reduced by more than half.

Previously, customers had to go through nine steps to place an order, now they just have to go through five. Furthermore, all of them are now presented on a single page including the cart contents, shipping options and payment information.

Products in the cart are grouped by delivery date or availability.

Customers rarely add less than five products to the cart and it’s entirey possible that these products can come from different warehouses and on different dates. In this case, the products are broken down into groups based on their delivery dates. If some of the products are currently not available, they are grouped separately.

The order can be completed without registration, customer information is filled automatically

The website remembers the previously chosen shipping option and address and automatically fills them for following orders. When buying clothes, customers don’t have to choose their size each time: the system remembers previous orders and selects the correct size.

Sizes are selected based on previous orders


+15 %

The effectiveness of the redesign is best demonstrated by impartial statistics. After the launch of the new cart, the number of new customers and, thus, orders, has increased by 15%.

designer and technologist

project manager

Made in 47 days
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