Yamal Philharmonic identity

The Yamal Philharmonic in Salekhard is the main cultural venue of the entire Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. It is the site of performances and concerts of artists from all over the country, as well as the home base of national dance and song ensembles. Currently, the venue is actively transforming, and we have designed a refined identity for it.

The logo resembles a musical staff. The typography has a classical heritage, but is executed in a modern interpretation: a decorative grid of contrasting horizontal and diagonal guides adds dynamics and strictness.

The abbreviated version in the form of a single symbol is designed for small-format media.

Banners and posters are built on a unified three-part structure, which continues the layout of the logo: each of the blocks has its own style and performs a specific function. Media of any scale are easily branded.

yf 04
yf 05
yf 06

One of the key elements of the identity is the radial gradient, representing both the northern lights and the light of the spotlights. It also serves as a luxurious addition to the diagonal rhythm of the logo and the geometry of the media.

yf 07
yf 08
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yf 10
yf 10_mob
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yf 11_mob

The restrained identity fits perfectly with the strict dark uniforms of the staff.

yf 12
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