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We present the second version of Zhurnalus, our media about design, which sets the standards for periodicals of the 21st century. It also helps readers grow in the profession, find like-minded individuals and get inspired with new ideas.

All the cool stuff that people are reading about in groups and channels today was published in Zhurnalus six months ago: articles, interviews, lectures, lessons, tools, typefaces, icons, neural networks—all this is available on the website and in Telegram.

The editorial team sifts through tons of content to select only the most exciting and coolest things. And readers have more time for making achievements: they know where to find answers to questions and how to deal with challenges, they have a community where they are supported and offered advice, they have a place where they learn about everything that affects their profession.

Reader profiles

A great way to showcase yourself and see others


An endless stream of useful and interesting materials


Absolute randomness: a way to find real gems in the rich multi-year archive


Collections by topics, styles, authors, tools and tasks, created both by users and editors


Newly invented filters for fine-tuning Zhurnalus for yourself


The opportunity to turn to colleagues in the trade to consult, receive feedback or simply share new projects

Telegram channel with daily publications

Readers’ chat

Telegram channel with daily publications

Readers’ chat

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