One Shot gaming club chain interiors

1shot interiors cover
Task: to make all clubs of the chain equally impressive.

One Shot is a growing network of computer clubs for the most sophisticated and demanding players. Since all locations need a single recognizable style, general rules of interior design were developed in the studio and compiled into a detailed manual. Thanks to them, the clubs look minimalistic yet cool.

The entrance is decorated with a stylish illustration of a shot, referring to the name and identity of the club.

The layout divides the entire area into isolated locations. Each type of room has its own color accent which adds life to the overall muted tones.

1shot interiors plan

Lettering and famous characters pierced by popular phrases from games decorate hallway walls.

1shot interiors walls

The main game hall is divided into sections with one or two rows of seats indicated by red floor lighting.

Walls in VIP rooms are decorated with character perk trees with humorous captions painted in orange or pink.

Spaces with consoles, large wall screens and upholstered sofas are rendered in blue colors.

In the lounge area players can wait for their session to start or relax during breaks.

A separate cozy room was designed for the service staff. It differs in style from the gaming space, allowing employees to take their lunch and change in a quiet, home-like atmosphere.

1shot interiors staff

The One Shot interior design guide contains requirements for wall, floor and ceiling finishes and recommendations on choosing furniture and equipment. Working documentation for constructing a new club was also fully developed

Visitors are aided by wayfinding sings and a friendly mascot that accompanies guests and gives them hints.

1shot interiors navigation 01
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The color of the lower lighting corresponds to the purpose of each room and also helps find the way around the club.

After the game, cyber athletes can take a photo against a bright backdrop, just like cool guys who don’t look at explosions.

1shot interiors final
Made in 174 days
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