Identity Website

Umbrella IT website

Task: to create a very business-oriented website that would be easy to maintain.
assembled and populated by the client

For over ten years, Umbrella IT has been offering IT consulting and development services. It is a serious company that works with large clients around the world.

A spectacular website presents the company using the wonderful identity developed by the studio.

uit pages_

All the top managers were photographed together.

uit people2

All client projects of the company got pictures matching the clients’ colors.

uit projects preview_

Services are illustrated by photographs.

uit photos

The website has many simple and pleasant microanimations.

The stripe from the identity helped make accents in complex IT wording.

art director

  • Egor Zhgun


  • Ivan Tikhomirov
  • Ivan Klubkov
  • Anton Krivyakin
  • Alina Ermakova

project managers

  • Mariya Yermolaeva
  • Nikita Frolikov
  • Anastasia Ulyanova
  • The studio wishes to thank Valery Starovoyt for his help with the project.
Made in 85 days
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