One Shot gaming club chain graphic extras


Task: to upgrade a visual style.

The new identity elements make One Shot even more prominent and cooler.

1shot mascot 01

A single shot unites everything associated with the club: a solid line runs through the entire identity, continuing on floor and wall wayfinding signs.

1shot mascot 02
1shot mascot 03
1shot mascot 04
1shot mascot 05
1shot mascot 06
1shot mascot 07
1shot mascot 08
1shot mascot 09

The funny and unusual mascot is made of simple symbols and stylized letters O and S. It acts as a guide, an assistant, and is unmistakably associated with the brand, unobtrusively appearing in different places.

1shot mascot 10
1shot mascot 11

The descriptor text is as simple as possible, easy to read and harmonious with the logo and the mascot.

A special version of the logo for use on signs with a black background and slightly thicker letters immediately stands out on a façade.

1shot mascot final

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Made in 49 days
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