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Pyaterochka façade design concept

Kuban is a super fertile region that generously produces grain, vegetables, tea and other products. The Krasnodar branch of Pyaterochka is proud of its homeland and wants to tell everyone about its wealth by decorating the façades of local stores.

The studio experimented with the design of standard shopping centers, revealing the richness of local nature and the chain’s desire to market local products.

A friendly illustration shows an idyllic picture of fruits and vegetables traveling from Kuban fields to Pyaterochka shelves, and from there to the family table.

The more flexible option is suitable for façades of any configuration. The natural richness is conveyed by the rhythmic “steppe” pattern.

The third version combines motifs of late Soviet murals celebrating agricultural successes with surrealistic illustrations, showing a fantastic abundance of the harvest.

The bright murals add life to Kuban cities at any time of the year, filling them with juicy colors and cute images.

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Made in 77 days
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