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Pyaterochka #Naletu app

Task: to design an app for stores without cashiers.
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Pyaterochka #Naletu are the first stores without cashiers in Russia where people can pay for groceries using an app. That app was developed in the studio.

You pop in to a store on your way from work and the doors open automatically

The idea is very simple: open the app when you’re close to a store and tap a button. The store detects guests using geolocation and Bluetooth tags. There is also a QR code by the entrance in case the phone is in airplane mode.

Scanning products

To add an item to the cart, you need to scan the barcode on the package or the price tag. To help with this, the app has a scanning area which takes up more than half of the screen. All products, even fruit and vegetables, have barcodes on them.

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Paying in the app

On the payment screen guests can pay a portion of the total price using loyalty points, apply coupons, enter promo codes and choose a convenient method of payment. It’s all very simple and done on the fly.

And more

In addition to shopping, the app is full of other features. For example, guests compete for the title of the king of their favorite product or check nutrition information right in the cart.

  • The studio wishes to thank Vadim Rydkin, Darya Nikiforova and Konstantin Dottay for their help with the project
Made in 87 days
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