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Pyaterochka #Naletu self-service stores identity

Task: to create an identity for truly self-service stores.

Pyaterochka #Naletu is a new format of stores without cashiers. The idea is that customers scan their groceries themselves and pay for them using self-service checkout stations or a mobile app.

An identity that simultaneously maintains a connection with the main brand and shows how a truly self-service store differs from others was created in the studio.

Using all available means, the identity introduces the features of the new type of stores. The style seems to be saying “Come on in, scan the barcodes and carry away your groceries.”

The neat hints help find and download the app in an instant.

naletu identity sticker

The new format has a new pattern: with a dynamic slant and a barcode-like irregularity.

The idea of self-service purchases is supported by the barcode-inspired jobbing typeface.

Made in 105 days
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