Agrobank mobile app

Task: Создать приложение для повседневного использования.

A mobile app was designed in the studio for the modern and high-tech Agrobank from Uzbekistan. The app continues the company’s identity and practical solutions from the website, simplifying services and making life easier for users.

Everything you need in one place

The main screen can be used to check account balances, send money to family and pay for a coffee. All in all, access to all important functions is always at your fingertips.


The showcase helps choose a bank card or apply for a loan. All offers are carefully collected and rendered in the form of colorful cards.

agrobank card background 1 agrobank card background 3 agrobank card background 4 agrobank card background 2
agrobank card 5 agrobank card 4 agrobank card 3 agrobank card 2 agrobank card 1


To make payments and money transfers—the most popular operations—in just a few click, users can save them in groups.

Controlling expenses

The calendar mode makes it easy to keep track of spending by day, month or category.

Made in 33 days
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