Agrobank identity

Task: to use a corporate identity to connect the past and the future of a bank.

Agrobank is a Uzbek commercial bank closely connected to the country’s agricultural industry. The bank is popular in remote regions and now aims to conquer the big cities. An identity for the booming bank was created in the studio.

The simple and respectable logo speaks about the bank’s rapid growth, expansion of interests and versatile development.

The symbol infinitely multiplies and fills the space with a pattern reminiscent of traditional Uzbek ornaments which can be used to show the multiplication of resources, skills, number of employees, branches and new projects—continuous progress throughout.

The identity preserves and further develops the contrast of the symbol: any media can be branded in an instant.

The identity meets the needs of a major bank without forgetting about the national features: the patterned graphics combine corporate restraint with affability, cordiality and homeliness.

agrobank plates
Made in 303 days
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