Agrobank branch office interiors

Task: to make branches of a large bank modern and recognizable.

Agrobank has twelve regional offices, one hundred and seventy branches and many other departments. A common interior design for such a huge network was created in the studio.

Visitors are greeted by a branded wall with a three-dimensional logo.

Basic branches have a pattern and logo with external illumination, while in the more advanced branches the illumination is internal.

The coolest locations have vertical green walls and a logo that’s made of brushed chrome metal.

In the service area, the desks are positioned at an angle. This prevents visitors from sitting in a boring tunnel of partitions, yet still separates them from other desks and makes them feel comfortable.

Thanks to this arrangement, a second chair can be easily added even to small desks. The solution saves space, which is important for narrow rooms.

The layout is open, with no unnecessary partitions, walls or borders.

Waiting areas are arranged next to the service area, helping visitors visually follow the movement of the queue and easily find the right specialist.

agrobank 7
Couches for individual clients
Couches for individual clients

agrobank 9
Individual seats for corporate clients
Individual seats for corporate clients

Glass surfaces are decorated with the pattern.

Several types of light fixtures are combined for different scenarios depending on the zone and the time of day.

The entrance to the branch is landscaped with lawns, shrubs, trees and benches.

agrobank 16

Benches with canopies covered with climbing plants help hide from the scorching sun.

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agrobank 19

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  • The studio wishes to thank Samir Akhmetzyanov, Ruslan Dragunov, Maksud Rustamov and Khondamir Bekmatzhonov for their help with the project
Made in 421 days
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