Alenka coffee shop identity

Alenka chocolate has been produced for over half a century. First, the girl with the headscarf lived only on packaging, then retail stores opened their doors. The brand has not stopped growing and is now launching a chain of coffee shops under its name in Moscow. One of the main tasks in this process is to evoke sincere interest of young people without scaring off older clients.

We took a new look at the familiar girl. The logo combines classic features of the cozy headscarf, kind look and soft smile with modern graphic design and minimalist color scheme.

There is also the old school version for true connoisseurs.

alenka logos
alenka cards 01

The pattern continues the linear design of the background and thanks to its different colors can be used on various products. In addition, its simple geometry is perfect for relief printing.

The identity seamlessly transitions Alenka from one era to the next without disrupting the wholesome image that is firmly ensconced in the world view of multiple generations.

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alenka elements

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