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The making of the poster for the studio's 18th birthday

Overview   Process   Hi-res  

Out of purely academic interest let’s forget for a moment that eighteen is the age of becoming a woman. This year the studio moved to a new office in the printing-house building and started to look like a real design factory. Maybe depict red clouds, clanking machinery, the bloody Moloch?

dr 2013 process 1

Art director: That’s not how I imagined turning 18.

Ok, so there’s no way to avoid nostalgic puberty references.

dr 2013 process 2

Art director: Could be.

Or we can draw an old school tattoo with wacoms and coffee mugs.

dr 2013 process 3

Art director: I suggest focusing on 18+ theme.

So breaking bad. Naked Japanese schoolgirls, porn, cars, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, voting, military service and so on. How about a dopey postcard with a cake and on-the-nose 18+ references?

dr 2013 process 4

Art director OK.

So we start designing. Drawing a psychedelic cake. Facing difficulties.

dr 2013 process 5

It all sucks. Perhaps we should get drunk or stoned or wasted or high or anything? But we can’t waste time torturing this idea. Maybe make something loud and shameless?

dr 2013 process 6
Yeah! Yeah! Oh god! This is incredible! Oh... Jeez. A-a-a-a! Art. Lebedev Studio turns 18

Art director: Like the attitude, dislike the picture.

Suppressing the thought of a sex scene with a rocking horse. Pondering over voyeurism. Remembering that popcorn is associated with hot scenes on screen.

dr 2013 process 7

Or maybe this time balloons will do?

dr 2013 process 9

Art director: Balloons are more fun.

Rendering balloons.

dr 2013 process 10
dr 2013 process 11

Nope. Coming up with a new idea.

dr 2013 process 12

Writing the caption and getting the art director’s approval.

Order a design...