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    The making of the studio’s 20th anniversary poster


    Generally, most companies don’t live this long, but the studio celebrates its 20th birthday this year. We need a poster. For example, a 20/20 eye chart, or the studio’s logo among famous antiques. Some children’s creativity as well.

    Art director: The antiques are meh. The eye chart is a no go since we are moving away from jokes and stylized design and starting down the path of Pure Creation.

    Well, shit. Then let’s start over.

    Art director: I like the graphic solution, but it looks like stepping into the abyss.

    Then let’s simply move on. Or another idea: the upended number 20 looks like a person who feels equally superior and excited.

    Also, water.

    Art director: I’m trying to imagine which of these posters a teenager would hang in his bedroom. I really can’t.

    Well, if it’s for a teenager than we need to draw a hot 20-year old chick flying into the night on a bike with her gray hair flying. And also—oh!—highs and lows, loops and yahoo!

    Art director: That’s more like it. The girl is OK too.

    So what, should we go on or pick one of those?

    Art director: You can work with the roller coaster.

    With an infinite perspective? And we can blur the logo into a neon trace in the night. Or use the roller coaster to write «Yahoo!» Or maybe something else.

    Art director: This can be.

    Giving the idea to the illustrator.

    Art director: I want more drama and a more filled scene.

    Art director: More in this direction.

    Done. Sending to the typesetter.

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