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16th studio soccer championship identity

als football 2023 cover

Every year, our studio takes a trip to the country side to kick a ball around and partake in some drinking. To make the occasion not only fun, but also good-looking, we created a design that is as cheerful and dynamic as the event itself.

als football 2023 game

The identity of the championship is built on the use of a tipsy typeface. Especially for the event, we updated the Horizon typeface, making the broad display face more playful, slanted and unpredictable, just like the play of the tournament participants.

als football 2023 type

A catchy poster announces the date, time and place of the traditional soccer championship, making fans’ hearts flutter with joy in anticipation of a fierce game and inspiring excitement and enthusiasm in players.

als football 2023 poster

Bright bracelets adorned the wrists of all guests and became a pleasant souvenir.

als football 2023 band 01
als football 2023 band 02
als football 2023 band 03

The map of the grounds follows the style of the holiday and conveys the unique atmosphere of the championship, showing a huge number of activities.

als football 2023 map

The gorgeous soft podpopuses made every surface pleasant for every butt.

als football 2023 seat 01
als football 2023 seat 02
als football 2023 seat 03

Cups and medals are the main attributes of the championship. They are made of wood, with protruding three-dimensional elements. Medals for every place have their own color design: the higher the place, the bolder the color. It is no coincidence that winners’ medals are red.

als football 2023 medals
als football 2023 cup

Beverage signs delighted guests with their variety. After a long and tense game, a huge selection of drinks helped make the taste of victory last and smoothed the bitterness of defeat among the participants.

als football 2023 drinks

als football 2023 final
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