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2022 2023

Avangard Hockey Club preseason uniforms

Task: to design hockey uniforms with a hint of the style of the new arena.

For four years Avangard played games in Balashikha near Moscow, while the new arena in Omsk was being constructed. Now the club is returning home and dedicates the preseason uniforms to this occasion, decorating each player’s chest with the logo of the new stadium. Inspired by the G-Drive Arena identity, Art. Lebedev Studio helped bring the team’s ideas to life and designed the uniforms that the hockey players will wear before the start of the regular season.

avangard 002

The club’s logo moved to the shoulders and the hawk now always looks forward.

avangard 004

The colors and lines of the uniforms are fully consistent with the style of Avangard’s new home stadium, while the slants of the lines in the logo rhyme with the lines on the jerseys. The bright red element on graphite background makes the uniform memorable.

avangard 006
avangard 007

Stripes of equal width on jerseys and pants support a strong visual image of the kit.

avangard 008

Even the captain’s patch proudly shows that the team has returned to their hometown.

avangard 009
avangard 010 avangard 011

To be continued...

avangard bird
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