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Katalogus 2015

Overview   Process  

 Katalogus 2015 (PDF, 39 MB)

Task: to publish a catalog of studio goods for 2015.

Katalogus 2015 comes out in a new format printed on fine matte paper and clearly presents the variety of studio products.

als katalogus 2015 cover
The catalog can be folded in half to be put in a bag or a backpack

Each section of the catalog has a unique design and calls for relaxed browsing or careful study.

Release date: November 24 2014


artistic director
art director
secret advisors
project manager
production manager
als katalogus 2015 2 3
Readers are greeted by a portrait of the studio and a story of its achievements

als katalogus 2015 14 15
Kitchen utensils are shown in their natural environment

als katalogus 2015 16 17
Items for decoration and entertainment

als katalogus 2015 20 21
Opening dedicated to Optimus Popularis can be easily turned into a poster by carefully separating it from the binding and hanging on a wall

als katalogus 2015 22 23
Electronic gadgets are shown next to products created for other companies

als katalogus 2015 26 27
The section on books includes designer, children’s and business publications

als katalogus 2015 34 35
Gift wrapping, typefaces and patterns

als katalogus 2015 promo

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