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Katalogus 2014

Overview   Process  

 Katalogus 2014 (PDF, 47,6 MB)

Task: to publish a catalog of studio goods for 2014.

Katalogus 2014 tells the story of life and work at the studio: about goods and books, how they are made and what happens to them afterwards, about city projects, beautiful patterns and typefaces, about the studio’s cafés, stores and day to day work. Designers explain how studio goods are created, sales assistants share ideas on using them and the amusing stories they have, customers contribute reviews of their purchases, and photographers show pictures of the studio office. Katalogus 2014 is distributed for free in the studio stores and cafés, as well as by our partners. It also comes with every order from our online store.

katalogus 2014 cover
The cover

The pages of the catalog demonstrate the beauty and versatility of goods and provide practical tips on how to use and integrate them in your interior.

katalogus 2014 magnets
The opening about magnets

Many goods have stories of their creation, telling how ideas evolve and come to life.

katalogus 2014 keramikus
Ceramic kitchen knives

katalogus 2014 swissarmius
Multifunctional holder

In addition to beautiful and useful objects for home and office, we create city objects that make streets pleasant and citizens happy. The catalog includes urban projects of the studio: logos, corporate identities, street furniture and city navigation.

katalogus 2014 urban
Objects for beautiful, comfortable and clean cities

We care deeply for book printing and are proud of our publishing house. A separate section is dedicated to our books—both those that are already available in our stores and those that are hot off the press.

katalogus 2014 izdal
Books on design

katalogus 2014 izdal kids
Children’s books

The typeface division of the studio is always creating new typefaces for a wide range of applications. The catalog points out their specific features and shows examples of their use.

katalogus 2014 type
A variety of typefaces

A special section is dedicated to our patterns that can be used for various purposes—from wrapping paper to decorating walls of housing projects.

katalogus 2014 patterns
Patterns for every occasion

The studio office on ul. 1905 Goda, hobbies of employees and the studio cat, cafés and work places are all shown on photographic openings.

katalogus 2014 1905
Day to day work

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