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     Katalogus (PDF, 88,5 MB)

    Task: to publish the first catalog of studio products.

    The catalog includes all the products created and the studio and sold in our stores in December 2012: electronics, kitchen and office accessories, interior objects, toys, clothes, postcards, posters, books, typefaces.

    katalogus cover
    The cover

    We support good designers, that is why we included in the catalog the beautiful and useful objects that we sell but that were not created by us.

    katalogus calendars
    New calendars

    katalogus librastat
    Use ideas for Librastat bookends

    katalogus mus

    A lot of things happen to our products in the process of development: stories about unusual accidents and mishaps, photographs of goods in real life and examples of their non-standard use are also included in the catalog.

    katalogus things
    Inspirational opening

    katalogus metro
    Studio projects for Moscow Metro

    A separate section of the catalog is dedicated to books published or designed by the studio, as well as those recommended by our art directors.

    katalogus izdal
    Food for thought

    katalogus books
    Designer books

    The catalog also tells about food, coffee and events at our cafés and provides a behind-the-scenes look at our stores.

    katalogus cafe
    Coffee and food

    katalogus coupons

    Katalogus is included with all online orders and is available at our stores and cafés, as well as from our partners.

    katalogus city
    Studio products on city streets

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