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    to create the traditional catalog of studio products.

    Katalogus is the annual catalog for customers of the studio’s store with all studio products described, beautifully photographed and neatly arranged. The catalog calls for leisurely browsing, admiring, choosing products, clicking on buttons with prices and placing orders in the studio’s store.

    In the 2018 version the street furniture section was considerably expended (now with unbelievable gazebos, benches, trash cans, flower pots and even cast iron grilles), the book section was updated (due to the large number of newly published editions) and links to portfolios of designers who created these products were added.

    Katalogus 2018 is published in electronic format.

    artistic director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky

    chief typesetter

    • Iskander Mukhamadeev

    designer and typesetter

    • Nikolay Radchenko


    • Igor Fatkin
    • Stanislav Shcherbakov


    • Anna Potapkina

    secret advisors

    • Yulia Horosheva
    • Anna Samsonova

    project manager

    • Svetlana Kost
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