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Task: to design a website.
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Avtoban builds and renovates Russia’s major highways. A spectacular website introduces the company.

The website actively uses the identity developed at the studio. For example, the signature gradient triangle symbolizing a road appears if you hover the mouse over one of the company’s activities.

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The triangle is also used as a template for illustrations. Simply placing a picture inside the recognizable shape turns it into a branded image for the website or social networks.

The “perspective” effect demonstrated in the identity was further developed on the website. In different sections, the triangle slightly changes its shape but always remains pointed forward and upward.

The website has a lot of links. They are marked with an arrow that also contains a reference to perspective.

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Perspective is also evident in navigation.

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And even in photos of the management team!

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The map demonstrates how Avtoban has spread across Russia.

Made in 360 days
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