AŽD Praha posters

to develop an advertising campaign for hiring specialists.

AŽD Praha produces complex telecommunications and information technology equipment for railroad transport. One of the company’s clients is Czech Railways and one of its projects is implementing automatic train operation on one of the sections of the Prague Metro.

Concepts of an advertising campaign for hiring specialists were designed at the studio.

Clean and minimalist posters praise the life of railroad workers, culture, art and the choo-choo sound dear to everyone’s heart.

Looking for a Virtuoso! concept

The railway track on posters forms various shapes demonstrating that only a true virtuoso can give sense to the chaotic intertwining of tracks.

Looking for a virtuoso! We are starting new ambitious projects that will change the world of transportation and looking for designers to join us

Choo-choo concept

The simple and pleasant word play inspires to make the choice in favor of railroad transport.

Choo-choo! Make your choooice!

The theme of responsible choice is used on other posters as well.

Is the train moving? It’s up to you!

art director

  • Sergey Kulinkovich

creative director

  • Aleksandr Shtefanets


  • Vasily Drigo
  • Nikolay Radchenko
  • Egor Yashin

technical designer

  • Aleksandra Savelkaeva


  • Konstantin Lazutin

project managers

  • Elena Bogdan
  • Andrey Dyakov
  • Oleg Fetisov
Made in 15 days