Financial Culture website

Task: to design a website developing financial culture.

Financial Culture is an informational and educational resource created by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation aimed at increasing the financial literacy of people.


The website is intended for a broad audience with diverse knowledge of economics and finance. It is a real treasure trove of everyday situations that everyone faces sooner or later. Taking out loans, options for saving, planning for retirement, encountering fraud—everything is presented in an engaging form using simple examples.


A resource is interesting only if its filled with relevant content. Rich collections of numerous materials help solve a wide variety of problems and gain more value.

Often times, collections are formed simply by tagging similar materials. But in the proposed concept, collections becomes flexible tools for the editor since now they are compiled using different characteristics.


The website is based on articles which require a common design and style. Editorial tools help make them engaging and attention-grabbing and have been improved and expanded to include inserts, footnotes, tables, abstracts, examples, illustrations, facts, etc.

The diverse ways of presenting content allow the user to choose the right information. For example, complex longreads are easier to listen as audio on the way home.


In addition to articles, the website includes calculators that allow to quickly and easily create a loan repayment schedule, estimate a deposit with compound interest and other factors, etc.

We have rewritten the logic of the services and improved them. And the design doesn’t distract from the main function: calculating benefits.

In the case of the “loan stress test” that is required to assess the debt load when choosing a loan, the design, on the contrary, enhances the effect of calculations. The page background helps the user better understand the consequences: the sun is shining if the loan prospects are good, and gets replaced by a storm if the chosen conditions will not allow to repay the debt on time.

The inflation calculator is one of the additional services. It is useful for estimating the user’s personal inflation and helps understand how the cost of his or her personal consumer spending has changed over the past year.

Meal indices help find out how food prices have changed in the recent time.

fincult pancake2

We have created an entire menu of traditional holiday dishes.

Even more

The Financial Culture website offers a variety of functions. The Risk service tells how to protect yourself and your loved ones from fraud.

The Teaching Room section contains a huge amount of reference, educational and training materials.

The Events page offers the schedule of various activities.

With the help of the website even children can learn how to handle money wisely, how to plan and save for their goals and avoid risks.

In addition to the website and its many services, we developed full technical documentation for the project that complies with all GOST 34 requirements.

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