Chrono website


Task: to create an online store for watches that cost from to over million.

assembled and populated by the client

Main page. Chrono has watches for every taste and wallet. To make this clear, products on the main page are grouped by brand with price ranges.

chrono scheme3

The order and content of blocks change depending on trends and seasons

Dynamic banners. Flexible templates were created for the promo blocks. The resulting banners help highlight a brand, a collection, a new product or a promotion.

Creating banners

Instead of manually drawing banners, the content manager sets color, text and image in the settings

Navigation and catalog. The main menu contains an entire watch guide. All the most important features are visualized to incite the interest of a buyer.

The menu gives users an idea of what watches are available and helps find the right one

Filters in the catalog take into account all possible characteristics and help find the right model in the huge range.


Visitors can try on the watches right on the website

Favorites and comparison. Buyers can add watches to their list of favorites so they can later choose and buy one of the models. To make the process easier, pictures on the favorites page are twice as big as in the catalog and the main specifications can be seen without opening the product page.

Favorite watches can be compared in one click

art director


motion designer


secret advisor

project managers

The studio wishes to thank Darya Indinok for her help with the project.

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